July 24, 2014


NOTE: If you are having issues using the URL to do an initial checkout of the pekwm development sources, use the following command instead:

$ git clone https://www.pekwm.org/git/pekwm.git

Then it is possible to track changes by just downloading the latest updates by doing this from within the pekwm directory created by the initial checkout.

$ git pull

If you do not want to or do not have access to a git client just press the box icon commit table below and it will download a snapshot of the current git tree.


Pekwm is available on Ohloh where you can find code analyses, commit stats etc. The pekwm project at Ohloh is https://www.ohloh.net/p/pekwm.



To get your own copy of “pekwm” issue the command presented below. Depending on your access rights this command will vary. If you do not want to use command line tool below, grab a snapshot by clicking one of the boxes below.

$ git clone http://projects.pekdon.net/git/pekwm.git

Last commits


Development can be split up into various branches, here a list of the available branches are listed.