What is the latest version of pekwm?

What is the latest version of pekwm?

The current of pekwm is 0.1.17 and is available for download here. We have enabled VPS support on pekwm 0.1.17, use git to build it on your server. Check out Hosting Sonar for a recommended vps provider.

What do people think about pekwm?

"Short, pekwm helps me to keep an overview without going insane ;)", Manfred

"pekwm helps me in my life, I got a girl", markand

"Non-notable software", en.wikipedia.org

"pekwm: Gets the job done", gammy

"I thought I would never abandon awesome wm, until I tried pekwm! Masterpiece!", balor.

Project status

Tasks overview
Open tasks: 56
Closed tasks: 192
Total tasks: 248
Project members

Claes Nästén

Jyri Jokinen


Recent files


Recent commits

Add support for _NET_WM_MOVERESIZE.

Correct documentation about the default image option.

Respect rotation when handling XRRScreenChangeNotifyEvent


Fix menu artifacts created by a 0-height titlebar.
Always print help message when pekwm is called with an unknown option.

How do I use it?

Want to learn more about how to setup, configure and use pekwm? Pekwm has rather extensive documentation available in multiple formats:

  • HTML documentation for version 0.1.17.
  • PDF documentation for version 0.1.17.
  • FAQ for version 0.1.17.
  • More options for version 0.1.17.

For adventurous people using pekwm directly from GIT:

  • HTML documentation for the GIT version.

And in the Wiki there is a Sample configurations page. Check it out!

What does it look like?

As pekwm is image themeable, there's no quick answer to that question. Below you will find some examples of how it can appear. If you want to see more, check out the Screenshots page.

How is it pronounced?

Here you can hear how the pekwm crew and users pronounce it. All soundbites are ogg encoded.

  • pekdon
  • shared
  • isene

How can I show the world that I am using pekwm?

There is pekwm apparel available at CafePress, so go visit the Store.

Akira has mastered an evil plan to take over the world with bling-bling like the pekwm amulette.

What is PekWm?

What is pekwm?

pekwm is a window manager that once upon a time was based on the aewm++ window manager, but it has evolved enough that it no longer resembles aewm++ at all. It has a much expanded feature-set, including window grouping (similar to ion, pwm, or fluxbox), autoproperties, xinerama, keygrabber that supports keychains, and much more.
  • Lightweight and Unobtrusive, a window manager shouldn't be noticed.
  • Very configurable, we all work and think in different ways.
  • Automatic properties, for all the lazy people, make things appear as they should when starting applications.
  • Chainable Keygrabber, usability for everyone.

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