July 24, 2014



Want to say hello to your fellow pekwm-ers or too lazy filing a bug report here, enter the world of IRC and join #pekwm at irc.freenode.net.

Mailing list

The PekWM mailing list is for you who wants to: discuss new features, report bugs, know when a new pekwm release is out and share your pekwm related findings. To subscribe you need to have sign up and be logged in. Press the “Subscribe to mailing list” at the top of the page to subscribe on the mailing list page


Want to pimp your pekwm? There are many themes out there, amongst other places you will find themes here:

  • box-look pekwm themes
  • pekwm themes at customize.org
  • adrianux theme pack with ports of well-known interfaces


Want to have tips and tricks on how to get up and running with pekwm on your specific distribution or maybe you do not find the pekwm documentation enough, there are a few guides out there on the net. Here are some of them:

  • Gentoo pekwm HOWTO
  • Ubuntu Forums Howto Install and configure Pekwm
  • ArchWiki PekWM page


We are often asked what is the best panel or pager to be used with Pekwm. While there is no way to tell which one you will fall in love with, take a look at these beautiful Companions, known to work applications that you might find dear setting up your desktop feel like home.