Geh is a simple commandline image viewer written in C/Gtk+ with various nice features. It currently supports the following modes:

  • Slide-show mode displaying multiple images in a row either controlled by an time interval and/or mousebutton clicks.
  • Thumbnail mode creating small thumbnail images and caching them i ~/.thumbnails according to freedesktop.org's thumbnail specification.

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A little experiment with new Gtk+ widgets such as GtkIconView and as a replacment of my uses of feh to get rid of imlib2 as system install dependency. It looks something like this:


 * f, zoom to fit.
 * F, full mode showing only the current picture.
 * s, slide mode showing a large picture and one row of thumbnails.
 * S, open save picture dialog.
 * R, open rename picture dialog.
 * t T, thumbnail mode showing only thumbnails.
 * q Q, quit.
 * n N, show/select next image.
 * p P, show/select previous image.
 * +, zoom in current image.
 * -, zoom out current image.
 * F11, toggle fullscreen mode.

How to install?

Building Geh requires Gtk+ version >= 2.6.0 including development files which may not have been installed by default on your platform. On debian and ubuntu the required packages are named:

  • autoconf
  • automake
  • libgtk2.0-dev or ligtk-3-dev

Building Geh is then a matter of issuing the following commands:

 $ cd geh
 $ ./autogen.sh
 $ ./configure && make