Pekwm_menu_tools is a set of small helper applications for PekWM which generates dynamic menus.

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Getting it

Either download one of the release dists or use git;

 git clone http://www.pekwm.org/git/pekwm_menu_tools.git

and for updating just enter the dir and use:

 git pull

Future tools

  • pekwm_xdg_menu - Make menu from installed .desktop files according to freedesktop standard.

Tools so far

Remember to always read the menu specific README file they are located in /usr/share/doc/pekwm_menu_tools/ or the local variant there of. They are named according to the tool README.ls, README.gtk and so on.


Creates a menu from a specified directory using a set of arguments. Usage scenarios might be accessing often used directories or setting up a directory with shortcuts similar to certain other operatingsystem and point pekwm_ls_menu to that folder and you get a not-text-based root menu.

It's recommended not to use too many levels since it takes quite long if you have alot of files. The alternative is generating dynamic menus inside the menu which triggers a small bug in pekwm's dynamic menu system.

  • libboost1.35-dev
  • libboost-filesystem1.35-dev

The simplest usage is putting something like this in your ~/.pekwm/menus:

 Submenu = "Often used files" {
    Entry = "home" { Actions = "Dynamic /path/to/pekwm_ls_menu -l1 -d /home/user/" }
    Entry = "media" { Actions = "Dynamic /path/to/pekwm_ls_menu -l1 -d -i /media/" }


Changing GTK+ theme can be cumbersome, needing to install external applications and running theme. With pekwm_gtk_menu you can instead get a pretty and simple list in your root menu that changes theme for you.

  • libboost1.35-dev
  • libboost-filesystem1.35-dev
  • libgtk2.0-dev

This generates a static menu which lists all available themes and allows the user to pick one to be applied:

 Submenu = "Pekwm" {
   Submenu = "GTK+ Themes" {
     Section { COMMAND = "pekwm_gtk_menu -l -c" }
   # Other menu options


Now the latest in pekwm technology brings you the capabilities to set your desktop background without needing any external applications or commandline experience. Well almost anyway.

  • libboost1.35-dev
  • libboost-filesystem1.35-dev
  • libimlib2-dev
And one of the following applications installed
  • hsetroot
  • feh
  • xli
  • xsetbg

This way you can set your background by alt-right-click on your desktop and choose from the menu. Add the following syntax to the two files in the following sections:

 BackgroundMenu = "Background" {
   Section = "Images" {
     COMMAND = "/path/to/pekwm_wp_menu -c /home/user/"
 Root {
   ButtonRelease = "Mod1 3" { Actions = "ShowMenu BackgroundMenu" }