Pekwm Documentation

Documentation corresponding to pekwm-0.1.10, last updated January 26, 2009.

Rando Christensen

Jyri Jokinen

This document aims to be a complete documentation of the pekwm window manager.

Table of Contents
I. An overview of pekwm
1. An Introduction to Pekwm
1.1. Why Pekwm?
1.2. Pekwm Features
2. Getting Pekwm
2.1. Getting the Pekwm source
2.2. Getting prebuilt Pekwm packages
3. Compiling Pekwm
3.1. Unpacking the Archive
3.2. Configuration Options
3.3. Building and installing
II. Basic Usage
4. Getting Started
4.1. First Run
4.2. About Menus and Iconification
4.3. Using the mouse
4.4. Using the keyboard
5. Window Grouping
5.1. What is window grouping?
5.2. How window grouping works
5.3. Advanced Grouping Topics
6. Workspaces
6.1. Workspace Navigation
III. Configuration
7. The Pekwm Common Syntax for Config Files
7.1. Basic Syntax
7.2. Variables In Pekwm Config Files
8. The main config file
8.1. Basic Config
8.2. Config File Keywords
8.3. Screen Subsections
9. Configuring the menus
9.1. Basic Menu Syntax
9.2. Menu Keywords
9.3. Custom Menus
9.4. Dynamic Menus
10. Autoproperties
10.1. What are Autoproperties?
10.2. Basic Autoproperties Syntax
10.3. Advanced Autoproperties
10.4. AutoGrouping
10.5. TypeRules, autoproperties controlling _NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE
10.6. Getting more help
11. Keyboard and Mouse Configuration
11.1. Mouse Bindings
11.2. Border Subsection
11.3. ScreenEdge Subsection
11.4. Key Bindings
11.5. Keychains
11.6. Keys/Mouse actions and window attributes
12. The pekwm start file
13. Pekwm themes
13.1. Guidelines
13.2. Attribute names used, explanations, possible values, examples
13.3. Theme structure
IV. Development
14. Mailing Lists
15. IRC
16. Bug Tracker
17. The developers
V. The pekwm FAQ
18. Common questions and answers
18.1. How is this ~/.pekwm/start thing used?
18.2. What is the harbour and how is it used?
18.3. Can I have automatically changing menus in pekwm?
18.4. How do I install themes?
18.5. I upgraded pekwm and now ......... won't work!
18.6. Can I turn off this sloppy focus crap?
18.7. What is Mod1? How about Mod4?
18.8. Why do my terminals start the wrong size when grouped?
18.9. Where can I find the current size/position of a window?
18.10. How do I bring up the window menu when the window has no decorations?
18.11. The start file doesn't work!
18.12. How do I set a background/root/desktop image?
18.13. A theme I tested doesn't work!
18.14. What desktop pagers work with pekwm?
18.15. How do I make submenus open on mouse over rather than when clicked?
18.16. My keyboard doesn't have the window keys, the default key bindings suck!
18.17. Where's my Unicode support?
18.18. Where did my titlebar buttons go?
18.19. How can I disable the workspace indicator popup?